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Read the Krasnoff Blog at Krasnoff Quality Management Institute. KQMI is a leader in health care quality improvement. The Krasnoff Institute is pleased to offer the Krasnoff Blog, where Dr. Dlugacz and other KQMI professionals have a voice in addressing policies, reforms and issues currently affecting healthcare organizations and the patients they treat.

Danger in Discharge

According to a recent article in The New York Times (Khullar 3/17/16) “discharging a patient from the hospital is among the most difficult and dangerous aspects of providing medical care.” Who would have thought this could be the case? Being released from the hospital after an illness or procedure suggests that the danger is over… Read more »

Useful or Not: The Measurements Controversy

A recent opinion piece in The New York Times ( highlights the issues surrounding increased pressure on physicians to document care with measures of quality. The pressure to use metrics to objectively assess “good” care was the result of data that showed that hundreds of thousands of medical mistakes injure patients every year. These errors… Read more »

Are Computers Better Than Physicians at Treating Patients?

Hundreds of thousands of medical studies are published yearly. It seems unreasonable to think that even the most dedicated physician could keep up with the growing evidence, new studies and innovations. In a single field, like cancer, about 150,000 studies are published annually. People simply cannot take in that much information. Machines, on the other… Read more »

Do Scorecards Work?

Do report cards of publicly reported data provide the public with the information they need? Theoretically transparency is a good thing. Practically maybe not so much. A recent perspective article in The New England Journal of Medicine (N Engl J Med 2015;373:1385-1388) suggests that the downside to scorecards, especially a newly released “surgeon scorecard” is… Read more »

Process or Outcomes Measures – Does It Matter?

Measures are critical for evaluating quality. A recent viewpoint article in JAMA, “Facilitating Quality Improvement: Pushing the Pendulum Back Toward Process Measures,” written by Karl Y. Bilimoria, MD (2015;314(13):1333-1334), is critical of the of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) policy shift to use outcomes measures rather than process measures to drive quality improvement… Read more »

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