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E-Learning: Learn About Quality Management and Advanced Research Methodology!

The Krasnoff Quality Management Institute has developed interactive web-based educational modules in the Introduction to Quality Management in Health Care and Advanced Research Methodology to introduce basic and advanced concepts in Quality Management philosophy, tools, and techniques relevant to and needed by health care professionals in today’s healthcare environment.

These self-paced independent programs provide essential information for those professionals who desire basic competence in Quality Management.

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Academic Affiliations

The Krasnoff academic affiliations include New York University Medical Center, New York Medical College, Hofstra University, Baruch College, CUNY and Beijing University among others.

Quality and Research Textbooks

Value-Based Health Care: Concisely explains the mandate to successfully link health care quality and finance and describes the tools to implement strategies for organizational success.

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Measuring Health Care: Using Quality Data for Operational, Financial, and Clinical Improvement. This invaluable guide shows students and professionals how measurements and data can be used to balance quality services and financial viability and how measures can help to evaluate and improve organizational, clinical, and financial processes.

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The Quality Handbook for Health Care Organizations: A Manager’s Guide to Tools and Programs. This important book is a practical, theory-based resource on the topic of health care quality management written for healthcare administrators and practitioners. It offers the tools needed to help managers make decisions, prioritize resources, and analyze and improve care.

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ResearchMethodsResearch Methods: Designing and Conducting Research with a Real-World Focus.  This book provides the tools required to conduct relevant, high-quality research in both the classroom and the field.  The book offers a unique perspective by integrating current research articles with field-specific scenarios. It draws from research methodology tactics, strategy, and constraints from practitioners across the social sciences and in business. This text effectively bridges the gap between theory and practice by demonstrating how research is done within an organizational setting and supplies students with relevant, applicable examples to learn from.

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